Ben.Eth served settlement demand via NFT following $7M token presale

The manner in which the tokens "trickled out" and the structure of the liquidity pools were alleged to be subject to a "manipulative launch strategy."

An influencer of a nonfungible token (NFT) has been served with a settlement demand via an NFT. The NFT casually dropped the “F-bomb” several times, claiming that the influencer committed wire fraud “at a minimum” on a recent $7 million token presale.

On May 20, Mike Kanovitz, an accomplice at law office Loevy and Loevy, expressed in a tweet that a settlement request letter had been filled in as a NFT to the wallet address related with the powerhouse known as Ben.eth, whose genuine personality stays undisclosed

He claimed that Ben.eth “utilized a manipulative send off technique” for the Psyop (PSYOP) token, which brought $7 million up in its underlying presale more than 72 hours.

The structure of the liquidity pools (LP) and the way the tokens “trickled out” after the presale were the main points of contention.

The letter stated that “At a minimum, you would be guilty of wire fraud, which is a predicate act for racketeering and the basis for a treble damages award against you ($7 million becomes $21 million)” shortly after it was posted on Twitter. Ben.eth also tweeted that “the rest will be sent in short order.”

A “refund is the stand-up thing to do,” according to Kanovitz. Nonetheless, he cautioned of expected lawful activity on the off chance that discounts weren’t given:

Therefore, simply return the ETH. You and your victims can move on with your lives once the situation is resolved. However, if you continue to fuck over thousands of individuals, my law firm will step in to rectify the injustice.
In addition, he warned that Ben.eth could face a “painful” procedure if the letter was not followed.

The letter stated, “The suit will name you personally as well as your alias and will be served at your home.”

“That evidence will put the final nails in your coffin,” Kanovitz said, threatening to subpoena the influencer’s communications.

He added that he would uncover the genuine characters of the forces to be reckoned with’s co-schemers.

Kanovitz closed the letter by expressing, “You are taking part in genuine misrepresentation, and it is harming genuine individuals. There will be ramifications in the event that you don’t make it right.”

Because of the letter, Ben.eth retweeted it a few hours after the fact on May 20, expressing that it is “so amateurish it could cross paths with the bar affiliation.”