Binance is Bringing fans closer to sports teams with Binance’s fan token platform

Rewards such as dinner with a favorite player or a stadium tour can be redeemed by participants by collecting points.

Sports teams can now engage with their fans through Binance’s fan token platform by offering various rewards to token holders.

In its new fan club program, the crypto exchange said fans can now collect points they can exchange for rewards, including tickets to games, access to meet-and-greets, video clips from their favorite players, and invitations to exclusive dinners with athletes.

Having a higher level of participation will allow fans to gain access to better rewards. Participants can collect points by participating in fan token activities like voting in polls or completing other tasks.

Fan tokens are the future of fan engagement according to Lisa He, head of NFT and Fan Tokens at Binance. She noted that the program can bring fans closer to their favorite teams through dinners with players or stadium tours.

By using fan tokens, sports fans are able to access exclusive offers and have a voice in team decisions for their favorite teams.

Moreover, he said that their team believes that fan tokens are the “future of fan engagement, where clubs and their fans can have a two-way relationship.”

The platform has been very successful, enabling clubs like Santos FC, Porto and SS Lazio to engage with thousands of fans.

On June 23, 2022, Binance partnered with renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to help him connect with fans through nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Sports and the Web3 space have been linked consistently for Binance. Those holding NFTs will have exclusive access to the soccer superstar.

Right after the UEFA Champions League fiasco caused by counterfeit tickets, Binance also jumped into NFT ticketing, partnering with SS Lazio to use NFT tickets for the club’s home matches.