Crypto market experiences rapid influx of Queen Elizabeth memecoins and NFTs

These tokens have very little liquidity and may be a pump and dump

The most controversial tokens released to date include Queen Elizabeth Inu, “Save the Queen”, “QueenDoge”, London Bridge is Down and Rip Queen Elizabeth.

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, many crypto tokens have been made in her image, and hundreds of crypto tokens without images (NFTs) were created.

The token market is flourishing. New tokens are being launched on decentralized exchanges using the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain with names such as Queen Elizabeth Inu, Save the Queen, Queen, QueenDoge, London Bridge is Down and Rip Queen Elizabeth

One token increased the most in value by 28,506% within 24 hours of trading on BSC-based PancakeSwap.

The Elizabeth token is trading at $0.059931, with 12 hours of trade volume nearly doubling the trade volume of Copymatic’s.

These tokens have very little liquidity and may be a pump and dump).

User woliphirl joked about the U.K. adopting Queen Elizabeth II Commemorate token as their national currency in the coming weeks. There are 135,000 people in the hating community r/Buttcoin on this matter.

The Queen Elizabeth project was posted to the OpenSea market shortly after she died.

There are 520 collectible NFTs with artistic renditions of the queen, featuring sinister undertones. Collectors have not jumped behind the project as of yet, with it having only generated $101 worth of 0.06 Ether (ETH) sales in total.

The large number of NFTs seem to indicate that the creator wanted to wait for the right time before launching the project.