Elon Musk purchases thousands of GPUs for the Twitter AI project

Musk purchased nearly 10,000 graphics processing units in order to advance his AI projects at Twitter, according to anonymous company insiders

Elon Musk, Chief of SpaceX, Tesla, and, as of October 2022, Twitter, as of late stood out as truly newsworthy when he initiated a letter to end man-made brainpower (simulated intelligence) improvement because of cultural worries. The tech tycoon appears to be moving forward with his own plans to build AI infrastructure despite the effort.

Musk appears to be moving forward with plans for an AI project at Twitter, according to a Business Insider report. The CEO of Twitter recently purchased nearly 10,000 graphics processing units (GPUs) for the platform, according to two anonymous sources familiar with the business.

Due to the enormous computational power required by the technology, GPUs typically work on large-scale AI models. This follows a tweet from Musk on Walk 18, where he said that the organization would utilize man-made intelligence to “recognize and feature control of general assessment” on Twitter.

The project, according to anonymous sources, is still in its infancy; however, Musk’s purchase of such a large number of GPUs demonstrates that he is “committed” to it. The project works with a large language model, according to one source. Be that as it may, the sources likewise said the positive job of generative simulated intelligence at Twitter is muddled.

Additionally, Twitter recently added new employees with extensive AI experience. Engineers Manuel Kroiss and Igor Babuschkin joined Musk’s team in March after working at DeepMind, an Alphabet subsidiary’s AI research division.

These improvements come half a month after Musk marked an open letter, alongside large number of different scientists in the tech space, to briefly stop the advancement of artificial intelligence because of the gamble to humankind.

In addition, Musk was recorded in 2017 advising regulators at a joint event with the United States National Governors Association that AI research requires regulation “before it’s too late