Ethereum community Mints PoS NFTs right after the Merge

The Ethereum blockchain recently implemented new protocol Proof of stake

The Ethereum blockchain recently implemented new protocol Proof of stake . Everyone in the community is proud to watch as Ethereum takes its first steps with the proof-of-stake protocol.

The Ethereum Merge is now history and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are the buzz. The Ethereum PoS system created its first token seconds after the historic Merging occurred.

The Merge happened officially on Thursday at 6:42 UTC. The first announcement of the token was shortly after 07:08 UTC.

The first NFT panda bear, which was minted earlier this year, sold out in seconds to costumers clamoring to snap up the first of these coins.

Upon the release of the first PoS NFT, many bemoaned it as a questionable decision. Some called it ‘fire’. One user even speculated if the Merge panda would be the new iconic Yacht Club persona.

The news of the first NFT sold in a mint triggered an avalanche of firsts for blockchain.

Sheldon, founder of Web3, revealed that their first official NFT collection is to be minted on the PoS network.

Some people are excited about their new digital assets, while others are excited to have spent their money.

Consensys, the blockchain software company of Joseph Lubin, is making it possible for members to make their first transaction with PoS. They are trying to encourage this by minting one of their own commemorative NFT’s celebrating the merge.

Ethereum’s merger with ConsenSys has inspired artwork from big names such as Beeple, who created a merge-inspired illustration of a large slowly forming Ethereum logo supported by scientists. The Ethereum Foundation has also gotten creative and composed and performed a song to the event.