Euler Finance hacker begins returning taken Ether

Chances that the programmer will return the whole plunder of $197 million

Chances that the programmer will return the whole plunder of $197 million stay thin, as not any more outbound exchanges — other than the 3,000 ETH — were recorded at the hour of composing.

The most significant decentralized finance (DeFi) hack of 2023 has been dubbed the most recent attack that took $197 million from Euler Finance. However, the hacker reportedly changed his mind, so this may not last long.

From the Euler Finance hacker’s address, approximately 3,000 Ether (or 5.4 million dollars) were returned to Euler Finance’s deployer address on March 18. PeckShield, a blockchain researcher, found three transactions that were used to send the money.

, the hacker sent 1,000 ETH to Euler’s deployer account for each transaction. However, given that no further outbound transactions were recorded at the time of writing, there is little chance that the hacker will return the entire $197 million in stolen funds.

Euler Finance offered a $1 million reward on March 16 for locating the hacker and recovering the funds.

Through multiple transactions, the exploiter was able to drain $197 million, which he then transferred to Ethereum via a multichain bridge.

Not long after a $1 million abundance was declared, the taken assets were moved into the crypto blender Twister Money.

Euler Finance demanded that the hacker return ninety percent of the funds within a 24-hour period to avoid possible jail time.