GameStop is partnering with exchange FTX US to bring more customers to crypto

GameStop doubles down on crypto, partners with FTX US

GameStop’s NFT marketplace is successful and they are partnering with more companies to push into the crypto space.

GameStop the No. 1 retailer of video games, has partnered with United States crypto exchange FTX US to bring more customers to crypto. The two are also collaborating on online marketing initiatives.

GameStop’s partnership with FTX will allow their customers access to their platform, including both marketplaces for digital assets. GameStop will also become the retailer FTX prefers.

GameStop is partnering with FTX to sell gift cards in select stores for a limited time.

The new deal helps establish a new and unique retail space.

GameStop doubles down on crypto with FTX US

Another company, GameStop, partnered with Nike on the same day that the company released their financial results for July 30 of 2022.

According to GameStop’s reports, net sales decreased by 4% to $1.14 billion, yet shares in the company still managed to rise following this news, reaching $26.84 per share.

GameStop has launched an NFT marketplace which will work in conjunction with Immersive’s Ethereum scaling solution.

Game Stop is investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies because they predict it will be increasingly important for gamers and collectors.

GameStop Wallet lets you save items to a centralized digital asset wallet. GameStop is working to create an Ethereum Non-Custodial Marketplace, which will allow users to establish their own wallets and buy services with the digital assets they already have.

GameStop said sales in its digital collectibles section amounted to $223.2 million, the quarter’s total sales rose 26% from the year before to $177.2 million.

GameStop, a supplier of gaming hardware including next-generation PAX and consoles, trades in cryptocurrency. They have invested some of that $922,350 into a partnership with FTX US for their new crypto mining software.