In 2023, Binance Charity will provide over 30K Web3 scholarships

Utiva, Women in Tech, and two Ukrainian organizations are among the education centers involved.

Binance Charity, Binance’s philanthropic arm, will award 30,655 scholarships to students seeking careers in Web3.

Using the Binance Charity Scholar Program (BCSP), tech-savvy students can upskill without leapfrogging any unnecessary financial barriers, Binance Charity explained in a Jan. 20 blog post:

The blockchain industry lacks diversity and talent because digital education and skills development can be out of reach for many. By covering tuition and course fees at some of the world’s top colleges, universities, and vocational training centers, the Binance Scholar Program changes all that.

A blog post stated that over 82,000 applicants applied for the next BCSP cohort, which translates to a 37% acceptance rate.

University of Western Australia, University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany, and Utiva, a Nigerian technology hub, are among the education partners getting involved.

Some of BCSP’s events will also be hosted by French tuition-free training center Simplon, Women In Tech, Kyiv IT Cluster and Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.

According to Binance Charity, they partnered with Ukraine-based departments to retrain Ukrainians who may have lost their jobs due to the war with Russia.

To support future female entrepreneurs, the partnership with Women In Tech will train about 3,000 women in rural South Africa and Brazil.

Additionally, Binance Academy, the company’s non-profit blockchain education portal, will support Binance Charity.

Over 290,000 hours of Web3 education and training were funded by Binance Charity in 2022 alone – most of which came from Binance USD (BUSD).

With so many more education initiatives with amazing partners in the pipeline, we’ve never been more passionate about building a more inclusive Web3 world,” she said.

Neither Binance Charity nor the scholar programs have confirmed when the more than 30,000 positions will be filled.