Japan’s largest airline has recently introduced its very own NFT marketplace.

The platform is part of Air Nippon Airways' ongoing expansion into the intersection of airlines and Web3.

Japan’s largest airline, Air Nippon Airways (ANA), has entered the NFT market with the launch of its own NFT marketplace. This move demonstrates the airline’s commitment to exploring the potential of blockchain technology and digital collectibles.

The newly unveiled platform, called the ANA GranWhale NFT Marketplace, is a collaboration between ANA and its subsidiary ANA Neo. It will showcase a collection of aeronautical-themed NFTs, starting with works by renowned aerial photographer Luke Ozawa. The debut piece will be an NFT conversion of Ozawa’s first digital photo, which will be auctioned alongside the positive film used for its development. Priced at 100,000 yen, this unique NFT package offers an exclusive opportunity for aviation enthusiasts.

In addition to Ozawa’s collection, the marketplace will release a second series of NFTs on June 7. These NFTs will represent the first Boeing 787 aircraft operated by ANA and will be available for purchase as 3D model airplanes. With 787 items in two variations, a total of 1,574 NFTs will be offered at a price of 7,870 yen.

ANA, boasting a substantial revenue of $12.2 billion in its previous fiscal year, aims to expand its NFT product line in the future. The airline envisions leveraging NFT commercialization to enhance the overall customer experience.

The development of ANA Neo’s Gran Whale project began in August of the previous year. Originally conceived as a virtual travel platform, it sought to utilize technologies like VR to recreate global destinations and cultures within metaverse parks. Mitsuo Tomita, President of ANA Neo, expressed the symbolism behind the ANA GranWhale logo, representing the convergence of the virtual and physical realms. This signifies ANA’s dedication to embracing Web 3.0 and metaverse travel as integral parts of its future growth and stability.