MetaMask offers custodial services for institutional investors who need NFTs.

The MetaMask Institutional wallet added Cobo NFT management to its growing list of custodial services for institutional investors.

Nasdaq also announced on Sept. 20 that it will provide crypto custodial services.

MetaMask Institutional recently announced another added service to its custodial services for institutional-level clients, in reaction to the influx of institutional investment into the crypto world.

MetaMask hopes to create a “one-stop shop” for large corporations handling digital assets with Cobo, NFT management and storage service.

At its base level, MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, but the institutional MetaMask has been establishing custodial partnerships in various countries around the world.

Cobo’s Tavia Wong explained to NFTWatcher that custodianship offers asset protection in addition to providing an administrative advantage for institutions.

MetaMask was once deemed “unfriendly” to users, but this custodial offering prioritizes ease of use for big investors.

Banks are storing digital assets in institutional crypto custody.

Using the new integration, institutional clients may now define roles amongst the company alongside the existing internal collaboration tools. Wong claims that this gives users limits on buying, trading and selling as dictated by the administrator.

Noncustodial and custodial wallets are still embroiled in a ferocious debate.

Many in the cryptocurrency space describe noncustodial wallets as providing more financial freedom and security.

In addition, as mainstream users continue to enter the space without a technical background, custodial wallets often provide a more user-friendly environment. Some users even reject the aforementioned slogan in favour of greater accessibility for easy adoption:

The phrase “not your keys, not your bitcoin” is short-sighted, small-minded and impractical. If we do not create solutions that welcome *all* people to crypto, then it will not be anyone’s crypto… because it will fall irrelevantly into the annals of history.

A Société Générale, une des plus grandes banques d’investissement d’Europe, a récemment ouvert le portage des crypto-actifs pour ses clients.

In addition to providing crypto custodial services, Nasdaq announced on September 20th.