Monkey Drainer has stolen as much as $1M in Ethereum by phishing

Four addresses have been flagged relating to Monkey Drainer, including the monkey-drainer.eth address, with Chainabuse showing a long list of reported victims relating to these accounts.

According to Christophe Durand, deputy chief of France’s national cyber unit, phishing scams of five individuals suspected of stealing $2.5 million in NFTs were tracked down by ZachXBT’s work earlier this month.

A $1 million Ether scam was reportedly perpetrated by an “Monkey Drainer” phisher last month, according to a report.

This week, dubious copycat NFT minting websites issued these coins.

“ZachXBT reported that 0x02a and 0x626 suffered $370,000 in losses during the prior day because they were duped into signing phishing messages on malicious websites,” or something similar.

According to the blockchain scam investigator, Monkey Drainer has allegedly stolen more than $3.5 million from their schemes, and the number is increasing daily.

Before visiting an unfamiliar site, connecting your wallet, or signing transactions, be extra careful. I’m on vacation for another week or so, but I wanted to post this sentence as my bot notifications have been going crazy from this event.

Scammers often provide bogus links to phoney websites that trick victims into handing over personal data by offering a tempting promotion or freebie.

Five addresses, in particular, have been flagged relating to Monkey Drainer, including monkey-drainer.eth.

In the current long list of Chainabuse search results, airdrops, NFTs, and phishing attacks are reported.

There have been multiple reported incidents including the Astrobot Society discord channel airdrop scams, the Fake Wolf Game and Bored Ape Yacht Club marketplace, and the fake Aptos Airdrop.

In ZachXBT’s Twitter thread, Web3 security community Wallet Guard also replied and warned that it had seen several other mint sites recently created that had Monkey Drainer on the backend, including a phishing website that impersonated Garbage Friends.

ZachXBT has established itself as a trusted authority on blockchain scoundrelry over the last few years, revealing a lot of nasty deeds.

Le mois dernier, Christophe Durand, le vice-préfet de la Unité Nationale de Cyber s’est félicité des efforts de ZachXBT pour identifier et monter des traquenard des cambrioleurs qui ont subtilisé du NFTs en valeur de $2,5 millions.