Packed with the freshest NFT Kids content from around the world, NFT Kids Mag proudly announces the release of their globally anticipated 3rd issue.

NFT Kids Mag celebrates its 1st year anniversary in Web3 with the release of their 3rd issue
showcasing some unbelievable art and stories from the youngest artists in the NFT scene.

Seoul, South Korea, 22nd September NFT Kids Mag is thrilled to announce the release of
its brand new issue co-designed by their first kid graphic designer 13yo animation-pro
Teresa Melvin and co-written with their 1st kid crypto writer, NFT artist and author 14yo
Rainbow Mosho, who is now the youngest reporter in the world with autism thanks to NFT
Kids Mag.
The wonders of kids in Web3 have only just begun
This brand new issue will leave its readers stunned as we reveal exclusive interactive
content from young NFT artists such as Unicorn Kid Chloe, the 7years old who has created
the most popular NFT commercials. The funniest NFT animator, 14 years old aspiring
comedy writer, Joey Uzar unleashes the Adventures of the Potato People. Rainbow Mosho
inspires the Metaverse with her Rogue Girls collection, whilst 13 years old Teresa Melvin
prepares the release of a 1,200 PFP collection of her popular NFTs AvaRomona.
NFT Kids Mag is the first publication in the world to have organized a young team of panel
speakers who travel up and down the US to speak at some of the biggest NFT events such
as NFT Miami Week, NFT VIP, NFT Expoverse and Crypto Connect.
New Golden WEB 3 Partnerships
Voxel X Network invites NFT Kids Mag as their Strategic partner. With brand Ambassadors
such as Julius and Corde Boardus, Snoop Dog’s sons, Voxel X is positioned to become the
leading provider of community-run technological platforms for thousands of projects in the
emerging NFT, GameFi & Metaverse space. With their support, NFT Kids Mag is set to
expedite the onboarding of thousands of kids into Web 3.
NFT Kids Mag’s unique and persistent work as they build the world’s biggest NFT Kids
community is being recognised faster than they could have imagined. Make A Wish
Foundation International has named NFT Kids Mag their NFT delivery partner powered by
@realTokns. This opportunity has invited 10 NFT Kids artists to create unique Tokens used
to reward MAWI’s donors.
Xoomijis, the NFT collection headed by a team of 8 young scientists partners with NFT Kids
Mag as they are set to create the world’s 1st interactive educational scientific metaverse.

Issue 3 Featured NFT Kid artists:
Eden, 12 @MomOfEdenG_NFT (p.25, 28 in our mag)

Eden has 10 NFT collections with over 100 hand-
drawn digitally created art pieces. She’s had over 20

pieces collected by the @FlowerGirlsNFT Children’s Art
Fund, which resulted in her having the opportunity to
participate in their Drawing Inspirations initiative.
Eden’s art was selected for the We the Women x TedX
Youth @Munchen NFT Exhibition. She was also
chosen along with 9 other kid artists to be a Wish
Granter for Make-A-Wish International in
collaboration with NFT Kids Magazine and
Gemeidon, 13 @Gemeidon (p.7 in our mag)
NFT Kids Mag’s co-founder, Gemeidon is one of the
youngest NFT photographers known for his street
photography of Seoul, South Korea. He has gained over
1.5mil views google Maps, and he created the 1st NFT
kids shortfilm called Gemeidon’s NFT Quest.

NFT books, the future of publishing is here
Children’s author and creator of NFT Kids Mag, Claira Soazandge, will
invite children aged 8-12 to pre-register to read the 1st chapter of her NFT
Debut Novel called ‘Lost In The Metaverse’ on 28th Sept. This unusual
NFT story tells the adventure of Tobby and Logan who enter the
Metaverse by mistake. As they fear their only way back to the IRL will
disappear, they meet NFT characters created by NFT Kids that teach them
about Web3, blockchain and the Metaverse. #LITM