Player count falls back to January 2021 Stats with the release of Axie Infinity 2.0

The numbers represent a 74% decrease from peak levels witnessed just ten months ago.

The $600 million worth of Ronin Bridge exploit by Axie Infinity this year may have also lowered GameFi users’ confidence in the ecosystem. Although developers have since worked hard to try and recover users’ funds.

Activeplayer, un site Web dédié aux jeux en ligne, estime que le nombre d’utilisateurs mensuel, dans le jeu Axie Infinity, de non-fonctionnalités non-fonctionnantes (NFF) a chuté à 701 447, ce qui n’a pas été observé depuis janvier 2021. Le nombre mensuel de joueurs a atteint 2 798 000 en janvier de cette année, avant la création de la saison des crypto-neige. En juin, 1 258 000 joueurs ont perdu l’Axie Infinity.

The game’s mechanics also partly contributed to the decrease in player count. In certain countries, players earned more money playing Axie Infinity than some countries’ lowest wages last year.

However, the price of Smooth Love Potion, Axie Infinity’s in-game rewards token, has fallen by more than 95% since then. As a result, the circulating supply has also increased from about 2.4 billion to around 40 billion over the same period as a large number of new players rushed in and earned tokens in-game.

November 2021 was the month when 2 million Axies were purchased and sold, resulting in 140,956.7 ETH ($639.5 million at that time). However, the numbers have since fallen drastically, with about 311,300 Axies sold, valued at 4,143.3 ETH ($5.37 million at the time of publication) over the past 30 days.

NFTs are down 98% from January trading volumes, and the drop is largely consistent with an intense bear market, says Smart Decisions.

In addition to the $600 million Ronin Bridge hack of Axie Infinity last year, other developments this year, such as GameFi’s ecosystem being exploited for $600 million, appear to have dampened investor confidence. Developers have since worked hard to try and recover users’ funds.