Steve Jobs’ NFT-Linked Sandals Sold for $218,000

The pair of iconic brown Birkenstocks were said to have been worn "during many pivotal moments in Apple’s history,"

Steve Jobs’ NFT-Linked Sandals Went for $218,000

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Birkenstock says the sandal-style footwear was worn by Jobs during key moments in Apple’s history, and was also seen by him when he first encountered the computer mouse.

An unreported Steve Jobs-worn Birkenstock sandals sold on Sunday for over $218,000.

According to Julien’s Auctions, the Sandals used by Jobs during many crucial times in Apple’s history came with an exclusive 1-of-1 digital token minted on the Polygon blockchain. The NFT, which is non-fungible (that is, its ownership cannot be swapped for any other asset of the same type), “does not grant ownership or intellectual property rights to the token’s owner.”

A bidding war for a pair of vintage sandals belonging to Steve Jobs’ house manager Mark Sheff has broken the auction house’s estimate. The lot exceeded its estimated selling price of $60,000-$80,000 and garnered 19 bids.

Sheff would regularly throw out Jobs’ belongings, so he would always collect them, he said.

According to Pawnce, Jobs began Apple Computer in 1976 in a Los Altos garage with Steve Wozniak, when he was also known to wear these sandals. Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ former partner, told Vogue that the footwear “were his uniform” and reflected his commitment to straightforwardness and effectiveness.

A growing list of posthumous digital collectibles, including collections by David Bowie, Biggie Smalls, and Whitney Houston’s estates, have been sold recently. Jobs’ NFT-linked sandals are one of the items on that list.