The Opera Crypto Browser enables instant NFT minting Through their launchpad.

According to an Opera executive, the company has plans to create a tool that will help people freely explore the NFT industry. There will be no platform usage fees, so explorers can freely search without worrying about paying.

the firm announced a partnership to integrate the Alteon LaunchPad, which is a clear Node.js development and brainstorming environment. The integration will allow beginners in Web3 or the NFT space to easily mint NFTs. Users will be able to access a feature that lets them drag and drop media files into the browser, which writes a smart contract and uploads the file into a blockchain, turning the files into NFTs.

According to a recent article (linked below), Opera plans to release a new browser that will enable Web3 exploration and contribution. The article states:

“Now, our users will be able to create NFTs instantaneously and without paying any fees. We believe this will encourage more people to explore the burgeoning NFT industry.” With our tool, team members also believe that users without Web3 experience will also be able to access the Web3 economy. This means that artists from different backgrounds can create NFTs in a less complicated way.

Alteon is a project that aims to simplify workflows, and the NFT minting tool is just one example. Matt Cimaglia, the co-founder of Alteon, said that the goal of this integration is to “level the playing field” for content creators from various backgrounds. Not only will it bridge technological gaps, but it’ll also provide an historic opportunity for any creator to “sell digital objects pegged to their creative output” and reap benefits both creatively and financially.

Opera’s Web3 browser allows for the use of DApps, games, and metaverse platforms. In January, mobile users on Windows and Mac were able to access the beta version. The project was also made available for Android devices in April.

Opera’s crypto-browser called Opera Crypto Browser is exploring the NFT space with its latest integration.