There are new Budweiser celebrations and rumors of the Yuga Labs collection.

Companies Around The World Celebrates The Merge From Budweiser To Yoga Labs

Yuga Labs has been reported to be raising up to $50 million from the sale of 100K tokenized land plots. However, the co-founder denies these rumors.

A Yacht Club founder has refuted recent rumors that they plan to launch a non-fungible token collection by the end of the year.

The document said that Yuga Labs is looking to raise $50 million from the sale of 100,000 tokens to purchase land.

Garga.eth tweets that the recent news circulated is ‘fake’ before quickly deleting the tweet.

The rumors can’t prove to be right, but given Yuga Labs’ consistent success and its potential for the future, another ambitious project doesn’t seem like such a longshot.

Yuga Labs wants to create a platform that connects the digital world with the physical world – where you can come across people, as well as games. In this platform, virtual items become usable in the real world.

Responding to a request, Yuga Labs is valued at around $4 billion. To date, the BAYC Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have generated $2.4 billion worth of sales, while Otherdeed NFTs for the Otherside metaverse has fetched more than $1 billion.

Budweiser shares a toast to the Merger

Following the merge, Budweiser is teasing a limited run of beer cans that feature their ENS domain.

Budweiser tweeted about their new cryptocurrency, saying things like “Bud’s for the Merge.”

The firm didn’t provide any more information on the can, but it created some for the NFT Beer Fest.

People are asking when they will be able to buy more of the special cans. The beer maker teased that they would return.

Budweiser (the company) bought the Beer.eth domain for $100,000 in August 2021 and has been involved with the sector since, partnering earlier this year with NFT horse racing game Zed Run to create Budweiser brands’ racetracks and horses.

How Funko monetizes their product

Funko, a toy manufacturing company, has shown support for non-fungible tokens by integrating them into their collection.

Funko, who has already released several toys, is now releasing new products including figures from Avatar and TMNT.

Perlmutter admitted to that while he’s not well versed in NFTs and blockchain, he understands the youth is fully involved in the digital sphere.

“Tom said his children’s attitude to digital assets is different from how we of a different generation might view them; they want the latest Fortnite avatar skin or gun”, adding that “so they view it differently than how we see it.”

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